Library rules

The Library rules were approved by the Board of the Jyväskylä University Library on 30 January 2014. They substitute the Library rules and regulations of 6 March 2008.

1. General

The Jyväskylä University Library is a research library open for all.

The Library operates in building Lähde (B) on Seminaarinmäki Campus. Rules for the libraries and online services are visible at the service points and on the Library website.

2. User Rights

The Library materials, services, facilities and equipment are available for all. The Library website provides information on certain restrictions of use and service limitations.

A person who uses the materials, services, facilities and equipment of the Library commits to obey the Library rules and other instructions given by the Library staff. If a user violates the Library rules or given instructions, his/her loan rights or other user rights will be cancelled for a fixed term or permanently. The Director of the University Library decides on the cancellation of user rights.

3. Opening Hours

Opening hours and possible changes in them are visible at the service points and on the Library website. The Library Board decides on the opening hours. The Director of the University Library decides on short-term changes in the opening hours and temporary closing of facilities.

4. Loans

All material must be loaned before taking it out of the Library, to the Library’s research rooms or to the storage places.

A library card is needed for loans, renewals and reservations. The library card is personal and the card holder is responsible for all loans made on the card. Upon taking possession of the library card, the card holder agrees to follow the loan instructions and the Library Rules.

The Library has the right to save the customer’s personal identity code in the customer information system. The Register Description of the Customer Register is visible on the University website.

The Library charges for items that are late, damaged or lost. The customer’s borrowing rights will be suspended due to unpaid payments that exceed the limit defined in the list of Service Charges. Further collection of payments is handled by the University and a debt collection agency.

5. Departmental Loans from the Legal Deposit Collection

The use of the legal deposit collection is regulated by the statutory obligation to collect and preserve materials. The items of the legal deposit collection are primarily used only in the Library facilities. Persons entitled to departmental loans may also keep items in their workrooms at the University.

The Library may also grant the right for departmental loans to University employees, teachers and researchers for their own use for teaching and research purposes. The loans are personal and the items must not be taken off University premises.

Any special material or items that are rare, old, in poor condition or in danger of being damaged are not allowed outside the Library.

Users granted the right for departmental loans agree to follow the instructions for departmental loans from the legal Deposit Collection.

6. Electronic Resources

In accordance with the licence agreements and copyright legislation, electronic resources can be accessed from workstations in the Library premises. In addition, the University staff and students have remote access rights to the resources. The users of the resources commit to follow the guidelines for access rights to electronic resources.

7. Training and Guidance for Finding Resources

General online learning materials are open and free for all. Most other training and guidance for finding resources is free for the University students and staff. Other customers are charged according to the list of Service Charges.

8. Interlibrary Loan Service

Material not available in the Jyväskylä University Library can be ordered as interlibrary loans or copies to be used at home or in the Library reading rooms. The Library also sends interlibrary loans and copies from its own collections to other libraries. The Interlibrary Loan Service follows the general guidelines agreed by the libraries within the service and instructions from the library that provides the item.

Intermediate loan services are charged according to the list of Service Charges. Interlibrary loans are not available for users with suspended borrowing rights.

9. Library Facilities and Equipment

The Library offers its customers teaching and learning spaces and Research Rooms.

The Library’s client workstations are for research and studying purposes. The Library is not liable for any damage resulting from the use of the equipment or software. Users are liable to pay compensation for any damages caused to the equipment.

Loud talking, use of mobile phones and eating is allowed only in designated facilities.

The Library staff have the right to order a person who is not following the rules or who is disturbing others to exit the Library premises.