Please note that Mattilanniemi Library will be closed permanently on Friday, 20 August. Our new library facilities will open in Lähde on Monday, 30 August.

Digital archive

JYX workstation

  • Located in the Mattilanniemi Library, room MaA225
  • At the JYX workstation, you have access to restricted material from the JYX Digital Repository. You can also print the material.
    • JYU students and staff can print material with their university user account.
    • Users from outside the university can contact the Library’s Service Point. Printouts cost €0.10 per page.

If you are looking for master’s theses with restricted use in JYX, you can also ask for them by email jyx@jyu.fi.

Microfilm scanners

  • 1 microfilm scanner in the Mattilanniemi Library (room MaA 225)
  • Collection of microfilmed newspapers in the Collection Centre in Kanavuori
    • You can request microfilm for use in the Mattilanniemi Library.
  • 1 microfilm scanner in the Collection Centre in Kanavuori

Workstations not requiring a user account

There are two workstations that do not require a user account for the university network. The workstations are located in

  • Mattilanniemi Library, room MaA225 (also a scanner)
  • MaA, 1st floor lobby (next to the MaA103 lecture hall)

Other facilities in Mattilanniemi library

  • Self-service loan and return stations
  • Computers and tables for quiet work, login to computers with your university user account
  • Multipurpose devices for copying, printing and scanning
  • JYU wireless network
  • Accessible workstation (MaA, 2nd floor, in the lobby in front of the Mattilanniemi Library)
  • Cyrillic (Russian) keyboards can be borrowed for library use at the service desk of the library.

For the duration of the Main Library renovation, services will be located in temporary facilities. There are no group work rooms in the temporary facilities.

Users from outside of JYU should contact University Services.