Finnish Web Archive

From the year 2006 onwards the National Library of Finland has been collecting web pages and other Internet-based material meant for the Finnish population or located physically in Finland (.fi, .ax, .com, .net jne.). The Web Archive is available for researchers and other interested persons at the Legal Deposit Libraries. At the Jyväskylä University Library there is one workstation in Lähde (lower basement floor, BP 15).

Index for The Finnish Web Archive

With the Index Search service you can search using the www-address if a certain web page has been stored in the Web Archive. By virtue of the Copyright Act, the full contents of the archive are accessible only at the Legal Deposit Libraries using dedicated workstations.

The Index is available at

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive has been collecting digital material since 1996. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the Finnish Web Archive, try the Internet Archive collections, where the actual content is accessible on the Internet.


More details can be found on the pages of the National Library of Finland:


Outi Montonen-Guillou