Borrowing from other libraries

The interlibrary loan service is a form of collaboration between libraries. At the customer’s request, material not found in the Jyväskylä University Library can be ordered from Finnish and foreign libraries as loans or copies. Likewise, material from the Jyväskylä University Library can be ordered to other libraries.

Interlibrary loans or copies cannot be sent directly to individual customers. The local library must always act as an intermediary.

Service fees for interlibrary loan requests are charged according to the current price list.

The interlibrary loan service to and from Russia has been suspended.

Contact information

Postal address: Open Science Centre, Library / Interlibrary Loans, P.O. Box 35 (B, Lähde), FI-40014 UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄ


Before making an interlibrary loan request, check the availability of the item in our online catalogue JYKDOK.

See tips for searching open access articles.

Check the National Repository Library

Loans and article copies from the National Repository Library are free of charge to JYU students and staff. See the instructions for making a request.

Check FINNA and Melinda

If you cannot find material in the Library’s own collections, look for it in the FINNA database, which contains material from Finnish libraries, archives and museums. You can also search for literature in the Melinda union catalogue.

Note! All library items do not circulate between the libraries. For example, journals, theses and textbooks may not be borrowed.

Make a request

Leave your request in writing separately for each article, book or part of a book via an electronic form.

Fill in the form carefully.

  • When you request copies, give the author, title and pages of the article.
  • Give the date by which you need the item at the latest.
  • Make a remark if you found the item missing at the Jyväskylä University Library.

Make your request in good time, because the time of delivery may vary considerably.
We keep your requests pending until the expiration day you have provided.

Picking up your requested items

We will notify you by e-mail when the item you requested has arrived. You can pick up your books and copies from Lähde (B). We do not forward the material to you by post.

You can pay for loans/copies by debit or credit card when you pick them up. Note that we also charge you for any books or copies that have not been picked up by the due date. They will be returned to the lending library after the due date.

Interlibrary loans for reading room use (e.g. theses) are stored at the service point of the Mattilanniemi Library. You can read the reading room loans only on Library premises.

Loan period and renewing loans

The lending library sets the loan period and other terms concerning the loans. The loan period is usually 28 days. You will see the due date on a slip attached to the book.

Your patron information in JYKDOK does not include interlibrary loans. Advance notice of any approaching due date will not be sent for interlibrary loans.

Loans are automatically renewed ten times. When another customer has placed a request on the item or the renewal times have been used up, the loan cannot be renewed anymore and the customer is notified by e-mail.

Returning a loan

Return both the home loans and the reading room loans by the due date. Do not return them to the lending library yourself.

We will send you two reminders for an unreturned item. If the loan is still not returned to the library, your borrowing rights will be suspended. Your borrowing rights will be restored at the interlibrary loan service after the loan has been returned and the fee for restoring the borrowing rights (€10) is paid.

The library will charge a patron for items that are not returned and for damaged items. The lending library sets the fee. If necessary, payment collection will be transferred to a debt collection agency.

Note that we do not return books you have borrowed from other libraries.

Change of e-mail address

Please inform the interlibrary loan service if your e-mail address has changed.

Privacy notice

See the privacy notice of the interlibrary loans management system.