Find open access articles

If you hit the paywall or cannot find the book or the journal from our library you can contact our interlibrary loan services or make an acquisition request.

Students and staff members of JYU can order copies of articles free from National Repository Library in Kuopio via JYKDOK.

You can always contact the corresponding author directly and ask if (s)he could send you a copy of the article. It is easy to contact researchers e.g. in ResearchGate or in or using social media. Usually the author can share copies of his/her own article to other researchers for personal use via email. The author can check the permission from publisher.

You can also purchase articles with credit card through the online services provided by the journals.

More and more scholarly articles are published openly. Below are some of the services helping you to find open access publications, and browser extensions that automatically search for open access versions of articles.

Browser extensions

LibKey Nomad and LibKey Nomad is a browser extension acquired by Open Science Centre. It helps members of JYU in information seeking, especially outside the University network. It notifies the user if the article is available through the Library and provides the user with a direct link to download the article. LibKey Nomad also helps to find open access articles.

When installing the extension, select University of Jyväskylä as the organisation. LibKey Nomad is available for six different browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi, and Safari.

If you want to search for articles directly by DOI or PMID identifier, you can try search.
Lean Library NOTE! The use of the Lean Library browser extension ends at the University of Jyväskylä on January 1, 2024.
Unpaywall Finds open access versions of articles.
Oabutton Finds open access versions of articles.
Kopernio Finds both open access versions of articles and articles which users have access to via institutional subscriptions. The service is free but belongs to Clarivate Analytics and you need to register in order to use the extension.
Lazy Scholar Finds open access articles and provides metrics and citations. Additionally, it can include articles behind paywalls via user’s own institution’s subscriptions.


Search engines and other services

ArXiv (and other Xivs) ArXiv is an open access preprint repository for physics, astronomy, computer science and mathematics. There are many other preprint archives from other disciplines (
BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) A search engine for retrieving openly accessible scholarly material on the Internet.
CORE A search engine and index for aggregated research publications from repositories and journals globally. Offers access to around 133 million articles.
Dimensions Apart from searching for publications and the possibility to search for cited and citing articles, Dimensions also indexes grants, patents, and clinical trials. The free version offers limited possibilities.
Google Scholar A Google search engine specializing in scholarly content which finds also open access articles. Works as a browser extension too.
OpenDOAR With OpenDOAR, you can retrieve material from open access repositories and their content. (e.g. JYX
OSF Preprints A platform with openly accessible preprints, or submitted manuscripts which are publicly distributed before acceptance and peer-review in a traditional scientific journal.
Zenodo An open archive where researchers can deposit publications, preprints, software, and research data.


More information about institutional subscriptions and alternative ways to access scientific resources on FinELib’s site: