Borrowing from the National Repository Library

The interlibrary loan service is closed from 4 July to 12 August.


  • Loans are free for JYU students and staff. Other customers will be charged according to the price list.
  • You can make a request via JYKDOK:
    • Log in to JYKDOK.
    • Search for the book by, for example, its title.
    • From the search results, choose the tab National Repository Library.
    • Click the title of the book.
    • Click Make an item request under the heading Order from NRL (on the right side of the page).
    • Add information if necessary, such as the latest date by which you need the book.
  • If you want to extend the loan period, you can ask the interlibrary loan service to renew the book before it is due.

Article requests

JYU students and staff members can receive free copies of articles in the collections of the National Repository Library.

See the instructions in JYKDOK.