Last reminder: please inform the library about the new curriculum course books by the end of March!

Open University courses must report their course literature to the library by the end of May. Course literature will be collected with a separate form.

The new curriculum period is fast approaching, so it’s time once again to notify the library about the revised course book literature. This year library’s acquisition team will collect course book info with a separate form.

Course book info form can be found in the Vasara-system. The form name is “OPS 2024 kurssikirjatilaus / Curriculum 2024 course book order”.

Important remarks when filling out the form

Please only fill out one course’s all course literature per form. This means that the info on form should contain:

  1. new, to-be-acquired course literature,
  2. existing course literature that will be kept and
  3. course literature that’s no longer needed in the course.

Teacher’s copies needs should be informed simultaneously with the same form as the course literature. The teacher’s copies are printed books for department use that are also paid by the department.

Teacher(s) responsible for the course should be written down as contact persons as well, even if the one filling out the form is not a responsible teacher: this way the library acquisition team can swiftly contact teachers if there’s any need.

Please be thorough when filling out the form. The form can be saved as a draft (“Save changes” at the end of the form) and you can come back to it later. You can find the draft form in Vasara’s “Tasks” -section. Please note that the form will be sent to the library only after you’ve pressed the “Save and Submit” button.

Please report the course books to the library before the end of March

The deadline for notifying the library about the new course literature will be March 31st, 2024. PLEASE NOTE! Deadline for Open university courses' literature will be May 31st, 2024.

Early deadline is in place to ensure that the course books are available for students come autumn 2024. Foreign printed books particularly can take several months to arrive.

It’s of utmost importance that the library will be informed in good time about the course books, especially about the new, to-be-acquired course literature. Please note that the library doesn’t automatically get any information when there’s any changes to the course literature: therefore, the acquisition team relies on information coming from the departments.

Read more about e.g., acquisition principles of course books, on the library’s acquisition page.

More information and help: