Book, journal, article and database acquisition

Suggest an acquisition or order an interlibrary loan.

The Open Science Centre ensures that the students and staff of JYU have the resources they need. We acquire electronic and printed books, journals and databases for the Library collections and for the departments of JYU.

We purchase titles on the basis of JYU students’ and staff’s suggestions. We also make sure that the course readings of current curricula are available for students. We acquire material for the departments and projects as well.

You can request books and articles from other libraries as interlibrary loans. Make a request.

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Principles for course reading acquisitions

The Open Science Centre Library acquires printed and electronic study materials for the Course Book Collection. Department representatives (e.g. Education Coordinators) announce the study materials of every course unit to the Library while planning new curricula. Other course book acquisition requests can be submitted using the Acquisition Suggestion Form.

Teacher's copies are purchased at the expense of the department in question. Make a request.

We recommend using e-resources as course reading. We are always happy to help you find and use interesting resources! For more information, please contact

How many copies?

  • The number of textbooks acquired is equal to one-third of the students enrolled in a class.
  • If a book is listed as additional reading, a smaller number of copies will be purchased.
  • When an e-book is purchased, the number of print copies of the book might be decreased.
    • In some cases we might acquire the e-book only.