New e-journals in JYKDOK

As the new year comes around, you can find all sorts of new, interesting reading from JYKDOK. Below you will find a short overview of our new e-journals.

In addition to these journal titles, JYKDOK contains access to over 92 000 other e-journals: please check out our collection!

  • Nature Sustainability is a monthly journal, which focuses on to the latest sustainability research. It publishes original research from natural, social and engineering fields.
  • Fachsprache is a peer-reviewed journal published both in English and in German, which publishes interdisciplinary research on professional and academic communication.
  • Lääkärilehti (Finnish Medical Journal) is a Finnish journal published by Lääkäriliitto (Finnish Medical Association), which focuses on reports and articles from medical and health care fields. Article summaries are published in English. Lääkärilehti was previously ordered as a printed copy to the library.
  • Sananjalka is a Finnish journal published once per year by Suomen kielen seura. It published articles from the fields of Finnish language, Finno-Ugric linguistics, Finnish literature, Finnish ethnology, folklore studies, religious studies and archeology. Sananjalka was previously ordered as a printed copy to the library.
  • Deutsch Als Fremdsprache is a German scientific publication, of which articles concentrate on a “German as a foreign language” -studies.
  • Journal of Interactive Marketing publishing focus is on to the rapidly growing interactive marketing field.

Some old e-journal subscriptions have vanished from the JYKDOK at the turn of the year. This is mainly due to changes on bigger journal package subscriptions or cancellations based on low usage. If you cannot find the journal you need, please contact the library’s acquisitions team: you can use the acquisition suggestion form or contact us via email.