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Small Wonders - Photo Exhibition 5.6.-30.9.2018

Nature´s small details in nature, photos by Markku Könkkölä
Small Wonders - Photo Exhibition 5.6.-30.9.2018

Egg-shell slime mold (Leocarpus fragilis) might be one of the most beautiful slime molds. (Muurame 9.9.2017)

In nature, there is no rush to go far. Often it might be better not to hurry - on the contrary, it would be worthwhile to stop and look more closely, with time. Most of the photographs in the exhibition have been taken from near, some even in the home yard of the photographer. Season does not matter either; almost always nature can surprise you if you are looking closely.

Fungi do not appear only in autumn. You can find them under the snow, on tree trunks and on leaves and even on the stems of grasses. Curious slime molds do not belong in the groups of plants or animals and not even of fungi.

These slime molds that are close to amoebas move around looking for nutrition. When the moisture conditions are suitable, slime molds ascend to some favorable spot and form sporangia to reproduce.

These and many other nature`s small wonders are found in the Markku Könkkölä's photo exhibition.

Free admission. Welcome!

The exhibition is open during Museum's opening hours Tue-Fri 11-18, Sat-Sun 12-17 (see webpages for exceptions) in Natural History Museum of Jyväskylä University (Harju Vesilinna, Ihantolantie 5)

More information:
Markku Könkkölä, markku.konkkola@live.com, www.kuvaaja.fi
luontomuseo@jyu.fi, 040-805 3826, https://www.jyu.fi/erillis/museo/en

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