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Pörssi Through Time

Exhibition from October 4th to December 15th, 2018 in Soihtu Exhibition Centre (S) 1st floor
Pörssi Through Time

Photo: Hanna Karjalainen

The teaching of economic sciences started in the University of Jyväskylä in the autumn of 1967 when 70 students began their studies at the faculty of economics.

The students of economics quickly developed a strong team spirit, and they needed a more organized form for their activities in order to be able to fully utilize the activity of the students.

The meeting for establishing an economist club was held on 8 February 1968. On 7 March 1968 the club formed its rules and name: Pörssi ry – officially called The Association of Jyväskylä University Economics Students at the time.

Pörssi ry celebrates its 50-year jubilee in 2018. To celebrate this the journey of the association will be introduced in the form of an exhibition for the members and friends of Pörssi.

The exhibition Pörssi Through Time dives into the student life of Jyväskylä from the perspective of economics students. The exhibition presents up to decades old Pörssikurssi magazines, the first Pörssi overalls, old overall badges and other material found in secret stashes. You can’t get a more concrete glimpse into the history of the association – or the local student culture – anywhere else!

The exhibition is displayed along the University Museum permanent exhibition on the first floor of the Seminarium building in Seminaarinmäki from 4 October to 15 December 2018. The Museum is open from Wednesday to Friday 12-17 and on Saturdays 12-16. The Museum is free of charge.

Further information:
Katarina Mustonen, katarinamustonen@gmail.com

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