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Mosses as a Hobby 20.11.2018–3.3.2019

Photo Exhibition of Mosses by Tuomo Kuitunen

As a hobby, but like a professional, Tuomo Kuitunen has been documenting for decades the life form with photographs, notes and collecting specimens.

The photographs in the exhibition Kuitunen has taken of mosses which are collected from the southern Häme.

The exhibition consists of 33 images, and two posters of the ecology and endangerment of mosses, as well as a dozen of fresh, tactile moss samples that are exhibited in the exhibition.

Wellcome to visit!

The Natural History Museum of Central Finland, Street address: Vesilinna, Ihantolantie 5. Jyväskylä
Open Tue-Fri at 11–18, Sat-Sun at 12–17 (exceptions on holidays, see https://www.jyu.fi/erillis/museo/en).
Free entry!

For more information:
Tuomo Kuitunen, tel. +358 40 701 7412, info@luopioistenkasvisto.fi, www.luopioistenkasvisto.fi
Curator of the Natural History Museum, Tanja Koskela, tel. +358 400 248 063, tanja.a.e.koskela@jyu.fi, www.jyu.fi/erillis/museo/en

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