Jyväskylä University Library - at the Heart of Campus

The Bookends on Show

Bookcase in the MaA Lobby (1st floor)

When the Library moved due to the building B renovation in spring 2019, the shelves became empty, leaving hundreds of different bookends unused.

The oldest bookends are probably those which were used at the Library of the Finnish Teacher College in the late 19th century, or those at the Jyväskylä Research Library in the early 20th century.

The wooden bookends have been in use at least in the Aalto Library, located at the wing of the JYU's main building (C), when it served as a Library from 1958 to 1974.

The main building of the University Library, designed by Arto Sipinen in 1974, was a complete architectural work. In there bookends were yellow in client rooms and black or in different shades of gray elsewhere in the collection rooms.

But what kind of bookend the eBook needs?
Well of course IT support!
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