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The History of the flag of Finland

10.8.2017-27.1.2018 at the University Library Lobby

The University of Jyväskylä Open Science Center participates in the Finland's 100th Anniversary celebration with an exhibition of the history of the flag of Finland and the coat of arms.

In addition to the Finnish flag and its proposed variations, among the showcases will be other national and regional symbols, such as the bear and various plant samples.

Besides the flag itself, an archive collection of assorted publications regarding the flag and its history will also be on display. These include public discussions of the flag design, reportage of the different turns of events surrounding the decision making, stories of the flag flying tradition, and miscellaneous poems, texts and other literature concerning the flag.

Public auditions related to the Exhibition (University Library, Café Libri)

  • On Monday October 9th at 4 PM - Docent PhD Tuomas Tepora, Helsinki University, Symbolism of the Finnish flag. (in Finnish)
  • On Monday October 30th at 4 PM - Professor PhD Janne Vilkuna, Jyväskylä University, On the roots of the Finnish flag (in Finnish)
  • On Monday November 20th at 4 PM - Dr.Pol.Sc Kimmo Kiljunen,The Countries of the world : the flags and the history (in Finnish)


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