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The Nominees for the Best Finnish Non-Fiction Book

Books of the Month in November 2016 in the 1st floor showcase

The nominees for the best Finnish non-fiction book (Tieto-Finlandia Prize) are on show in the Library's "Book of the Month" exhibition during November.

The Finlandia Prize (Finlandia-palkinto) is the most prestigious literary award in Finland, presented by the Finnish Book Foundation. It is awarded annually to the author of the best novel (Finlandia), children's book (Finlandia Junior), and non-fiction book (Tieto-Finlandia) written by a Finnish citizen.

Works may be in Finnish or Swedish but non-Finnish citizens are not allowed to enter.

The board of the Finnish Book Foundation sets up a three-member selection jury for each award which then names a minimum of three and maximum of six candidates for the prize as well as the person who will have the task of selecting the winner from the candidates.

This year the winner of the Tieto-Finlandia Prize is chosen by author Jörn Donner on the 24th of November. The award sum is 30,000 euros.

The nominees for the Tieto-Finlandia Prize are:

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