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Summer reading from 100 years ago?

Detective stories published in Finland in 1917 on display at the first floor showcase

As a literary genre, detective fiction was not exactly a novelty in 1917. Sherlock Holmes made his first appearance in Finnish already in 1894, and G.K. Chesterton's Father Brown had already solved 10 cases by 1917, not to mention Nat Pinkerton, the famous New Yorker gentleman and king of detectives.

Detective stories were published as monthly booklets as well as regular novels. Most of the stories published in Finland were translations.

At least one original Finnish detective story was published in 1917, Pyhäsaaren arvoitus (published by Otava in Otavan 85 pennin kirjasto -series). However, the author Lauri Soininen appeared by an alias Lauri Sauramo.

Get acquainted with the featured books at https://kansalliskirjasto.finna.fi/List/430178.
The books are from the Jyväskylä University Library's Legal Deposit Collection.

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