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Research Rooms and Trolleys

The Main Library (B) will be renovated in 2019-2021. There are no research rooms available in the temporary facilities.

The Research Rooms are assigned primarily to researchers working at the Jyväskylä University. Priority is given to researchers working on a dissertation. Accessibility will be ensured for one of the places. One criterion in assigning Research Rooms is whether the applicant has any other work room at the University.

Contact person and further information: Eila Kyllönen

Applying for Vacant Places During Terms

During terms you can ask for vacant Research Rooms by emailing jykneuvonta@library.jyu.fi. Places will be assigned according to a waiting list.

Please, fill in and print the electronic application form on our website. The application should include a recommendation by the supervisor. Signed applications should be returned to the Main Library service desk (1st floor).

Additional information: jykneuvonta@library.jyu.fi

Network Connections in Research Rooms

Library's Research Rooms are not equipped with personal workstations connected to the University network.

The University wireless network is available in the rooms for personal laptops.

Only a university AD network computer can be installed to the fixed network of the University. AD workstations are available on request at the address pcsupport-sem@jyu.fi.

Further information: IT services

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