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Register Description of the Customer Register

Register description based on the Act (621/1999) 18§ and Decree (1030/1999) 8§ on the Openness of Government Activities

Name of register:

Customer register of Jyväskylä University Library


Jyväskylä University Library


PO Box 35 (B), 40014 University of Jyväskylä
Seminar Street 15 B, 40100 Jyväskylä


(014) 260 1211

Register administrators:

Library customer service, tel. 040 805 3803
Library system: Veli-Matti Häkkinen, tel. 050 385 4841 and Annikki Järvinen, tel. 050 310 9963

Register technical manager:

CSC - Scientific Computing Ltd., Espoo, Finland

Grounds for keeping the register:

Personal Data Act (523/99) § 10

Purpose of use:

The customer register is used for library circulation operations.

Data content of register:

  • customer details and contact information, email address, and a personal PIN code
  • customer identifiers (patron code, customer types and statistical categories, personal identification number or, failing that, the date of birth)
  • patron details of the checked out materials, material reservations and fees as well as the unresolved issues and the related comments
  • statistic counters, note fields, and the last contact and update dates

Data sources of register:

  • the information provided by the customer himself
  • student and staff registers of the University of Jyväskylä
  • public address and telephone number services
  • Population Register Centre
  • data entered in the database during lending operations

Disclosure of information:

Data are disclosed for statistical purposes to the national joint statistics and to the Jyväskylä University collection agency. Personal or address details are not disclosed to other third parties.

The customer has the right to check his information by providing proof of identity.

Principles of data protection:

The patron details forms filled in by the customer will be destroyed, and the notifications of change in customer details received by electronic forms or by e-mail will be deleted after they were entered.

The customer register can only be accessed by the staff of Jyväskylä University Library. The library staff is bound by professional secrecy.

The server containing the customer register is in controlled facilities of CSC Scientific Computing Ltd. Only the maintenance personnel have the right to use the server.


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