Jyväskylä University Library - at the Heart of Campus

Emergency Situations

In case of an emergency, a general alarm is transmitted and visitors and staff are evacuated from the building.

The gathering point for the Main Library visitors and staff is in the Main entrance of the Administration Building (T), next to the library. See map.

On hearing the alarm, leave the building immediately and follow the instructions of the library staff and the authorities.

Important phone numbers

  • General Emergency Number: 112
  • Alarm centre of the security company (Securitas Oy): 020 491 2690
  • Customer service of the property maintenance (Are Oy): 020 530 5700
  • Custodians: 050 428 5237
  • Chief of Security: 050 428 5310

First aid

First aid instructions of the Finnish Red Cross

The library staff attend first aid courses on a regular basis. You can find the basic first aid equipment at the following places:

Main Library, B118 (1st floor):

    • two first aid kits
    • two fire extinguishing blankets

There are fire extinguishing blankets

    • at the Main Library 2nd floor Info Desk
    • in the computer class, B 126a (1st floor)
    • at all campus libraries

First aid cabinets containing bandages and disinfectors are located

    • near the lifts on the ground and 2nd floors of the Main Library
    • in the corridor leading to the research rooms, 3rd floor

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