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Jyväskylä University aims at improving the accessibility of services and facilities by removing any obstacles that may hinder the student and staff from concentrating primarily on their work or study.

Library service points

The Library service points are located at or near the city centre. You can reach the library quite easily from the Travel Centre by foot or by wheelchair. At the campuses, there are several car parking spaces for disabled persons.

Lifts and specially equipped toilets help persons using a wheelchair. Accessibility has been taken quite well into consideration in the Library:

    • Mattilanniemi Library (MaA)

    • Ylistönrinne Library (YK)

The library staff is ready to assist you in using the collections.

Accessible workstation

  • accessible workstation at the lobby in front of Mattilanniemi Library, 2nd floor (log in using your personal username and password)

Electronic Services

You can use electronic services and collections from outside the university network (see remote use). It is also possible to increase the font size of the internet browser to help reading the text. The Library web pages conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines W3C/WAI-A.

It is possible to agree on a library visit or any special arrangements in advance. Please, call 040 805 3803.

Celia Library’s Student Services

Celia borrows textbooks to all print disabled university students, who find it difficult to read printed text. Books that can be borrowed are either talking books or hybrid books. A hybrid book contains a printed text of a book in electronic form, read aloud with a synthetic computer voice. Students of polytechnics, higher educational institutions and universities can borrow textbooks free of charge.

If you are a print-disabled person, you can become Celia’s user. Please contact Celia by e-mail, post or by calling:

    • e-mail address: palvelut@celia.fi
    • postal address: Celia-kirjasto, Asiakaspalvelu, PL 20, 00030 IIRIS
    • telephone: 0295 333 050.

Further information on services: http://www.celia.fi/eng/ and http://www.celia.fi/eng/textbooks/

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