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Service Charges


Borrowing free-of-charge
Overdue charge €0,30/item/day
Overdue charge of short loans
Overdue charge of iPads €10/item
Item Available Notice free-of-charge
Courtesy Notice free-of-charge
Placing a hold free-of-charge
Request from closed stacks free-of-charge
Manual retrieval from the open collection €1/item
Renewing loans by telephone operator network charge
Renewing loans at self-service stations or online free-of-charge
Restoring borrowing rights from €10
Maximum overdue charges €50
Checking address from the census register €2
Replacement for a lost library card €3
Copying requests from the Librarys's collections
(for staff only)

Lost or damaged items

VAT 10 % included

Books from €50
Compact disc supplements
Tablet computers with a charge cable must be replaced with a similar device or
with a sum of money covering its current price
Invoicing charge €5/invoice

Interlibrary loans

Internal customers
From Finland €9/item
From Scandinavia €10/item
From other countries €22/item
Microfiche €5/item
Paper copies from Finland €6/article
Paper copies from other countries €10/article
American dissertations €40
Loans and copies from Repository Library
to JU's students and staff
Loans from Library of Kokkola University Consortium
Chydenius to JU's students and staff
Lost interlibrary loans as invoiced by the sender
Item not picked up charge of the loan or copied pages
Loans €9/item 
Microfiche €5/item
Paper copies €6/article 
Lost interlibrary loans See lost or damaged items

Training on request and library tours

Other customers: VAT 24 % included

JU's students and staff Other customers
Library tours free-of-charge 30 min introduction free-of-charge,
over 30 min introduction €50/hour
Library courses: general courses free-of-charge free-of-charge
Library courses: other courses free-of-charge -
Bachelor-level theses and
proseminar groups
free-of-charge (2x2 hours) -
Other groups free-of-charge (2 hours) -
More extensive, customized teaching €50/hour €100/hour
Library instruction commissioned by
EduCluster Finland or
Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius
€50/hour -
Library instruction commissioned by
Open University of the University of Jyväskylä
by arrangement -
Personal guidance free-of-charge €60/hour

Information searches

JU's students and staff Other customers
Use of databases at the Library or on the university network free-of-charge free-of-charge
Information searches and expertise services First 30 minutes free-of-charge, then €50/hour First 30 minutes free-of-charge, then €80/hour

Printouts and copies


VAT 24 % included

€/page or exposure
€/page or exposure
A4 (one-sided or two-sided) 0,07 0,30
A3 (one-sided or two-sided) 0,14 0,60
Scanning 0,025 0,025

Copy services


Paper copies
A4 one-sided black-and-white
A3 one-sided black-and-white
A4 one-sided four-colour
A3 one-sided four-colour
Larger copies

0,20 - 2,00
by offer
Paper copies from microfilm and -fiche

Microfilm copying and digitizing including
information seeking
€37/h + copies
Transparency copies 1,00

Fax sending services

To Finland €/page To abroad €/page
Page + extra pages 2,00 + 1,00 3,00 + 1,00

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