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Publishing Your Dissertation

Here are instructions for publishing a dissertation in a Jyväskylä University research series.

Dissertations are published in a university research series in an electronic form but also as a printed version, if necessary.

The resolution of pictures and figures should be 300 dpi. The doctoral candidate is responsible for the proofreading of the manuscript as well as proper referencing, However, you may choose whatever referencing style (for example APA) as long as you use it consistently.

General instructions about the dissertation practices at the University of Jyväskylä have been compiled into the Jyväskylä University Guide to Doctoral Studies.

Important guidelines and forms

Publishing costs

Publishing in a Jyväskylä University research series is free of charge (black and white printing) for the doctoral candidate, if the material is sent to the Publishing Unit in the format described in the guidelines (as a doc/docx file). Free publishing also presupposes that the candidate gives permission for online publishing (pdf). If permission for electronic publishing is not granted, the candidate pays for the production and printing of the dissertation. The editing can be done in the Publishing Unit at current service prices.

The publishing schedule of a dissertation published in a Jyväskylä University research series

Before setting a date for the public defence of a dissertation

  • Get faculty permission to defend the dissertation
  • Contact the scientific editor of the series (in the Faculty of Humanities the main supervisor of the thesis)
  • Article-based thesis: Ask permissions from publishers for reprinting your articles in the thesis (both online and print). Publishing Unit will assist you, if necessary.

Two months before the public defence

  • Send the material to the scientific editor of the series for reading
  • Have the dissertation material evaluated at the Publishing Unit and get guidance on how to get it ready for publishing
  • Agree on when the dissertation material is delivered to the publishing unit. You may send it as a doc/docx -file.

One month before the public defence

  • Have the material edited and ready for publishing in the Publishing Unit
  • Approval of proofs (PDF, print) before printing

Ten days before the public defence

  • Have copies of the dissertation distributed to members of the university community according to instructions
  • Optional: Present your topic to the Rector of the University (Book a time at the office of Rector's secretary). NOTE: The Rector will receive the electronic version of your dissertation directly from the Publishing Unit.

Distribution of dissertations


Distribution of dissertations published in a university series

The distribution of dissertations published in a university series is taken care of by the University Library Publishing Unit and the Jyväskylä University Printing House.

The candidate is only responsible for the distribution of dissertation copies to the Rector, the chair of the public defence, the scientific editor and the opponent (a total of 3 copies).

* this number may vary according to faculty-specific agreements

** in the Faculty of Humanities the main supervisor of the thesis


Distribution of a dissertation published elsewhere

Doctoral candidates can publish their dissertation also through, e.g. a commercial publisher, in a department series or simply as a printout. If a dissertation is published outside Jyväskylä University research series, the candidate is responsible for the distribution of copies as instructed at the table below. Electronic dissertations can be distributed as printouts.

RecipientNumber of copies

Chair 1
Opponent 1
Faculty Office 1
Faculty Council and the Assessment Board
Contact your Faculty Office for more information

Maintenance managers

Library service point (B)
p. 050 428 5237

Must be delivered at least
10 working days before
the public examination

The public copy at the main library lobby

Place of public examination (optional)

Publishing Unit

Jyväskylän yliopiston kirjasto
PL 35 (B)
40014 Jyväskylän yliopisto


* Please contact your Faculty Office for more information

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