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Convert your thesis to PDF

For the conversion you need Adobe Acrobat or PDF Creator application. You can find PDF Creator in every computer of the University.

    • Open the document in a word processing application such as Microsoft Word
    • Select File -> Print...
    • Select Acrobat PDF writer or Adobe PDF as the printer
    • Click OK
    • Save the file under a new name

Combine separate PDFs into one file

If your thesis consists of several files, make a separate PDF of each file following the above instructions and then combine them into one file. You need the Adobe Acrobat for the combining which has been installed in the computers of the following computer classes: MaD205, MaD206, MaD353.

    • Open the Adobe Acrobat application from the Start menu or the desktop
    • Open your first file in this application
    • Select Document -> Insert Pages… or -> Pages/Insert
      1. Select the file, you want to add to the first one
      2. Click OK or SELECT
      3. The program will ask you where to insert new pages. From the drop-down menu choose After and then select Last.
      4. Click OK
    • Repeat steps 1-4 for all the files you want to add.
    • Finally save the file under a new name.


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