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Yläkaupungin Yö 2018 Festival in the Open Science Centre on Saturday May 19th at 11-21

The Programs of JYU Library and museums

The Jyväskylä University Open Science Centre - the Library and the Science Museum - also participates the festival happenings.

Jyväskylä’s own Yläkaupungin Yö is a city festival which opens the festival season of Central Finland in May. It takes place in the uptown area, near the university, and offers a wide range of events suitable for all ages and sizes.

Note! The program may be subject to change. Check the latest updated program.

54. The Library (B)

at 11-15 ExLibris  exhibition area
(2nd floor)

Poet Juhani Siljo 1888-1918

Collection Exhibition

at 11-15 the Exhibition Showcase
(2nd floor)

Author Algot Untola 1868-1918

Collection Exhibition

at 11-21 the Exhibition Showcase

The Most Beautiful Books of the Year 2017

Collection Exhibition

at 14-16 Lobby

Pokemon Evolution Activity

We all know pokémon “evolve” but did you know pokémon are based on real species? Using the latest taxonomic methods researchers from the USA and Japan have created a fully phylogeny of pokémon evolution.

Come see which came first, ground pokémon or grass pokémon.

Children can use their knowledge of pokémon to create their own trees, and learn about how scientists classify and study real species. They can also come face-to-face with some of the living animals that inspired their favorite monsters.

If that is not enough we will be attaching lure modules to the pokéstops in the Library to attract as many wild pokémon as possible for further study.

at 15-20 Lobby

Reader's Digest of Weeded Books

Library's Book Sale

at 15-15.30 Lobby

The Chamber Music Groups of the Jyväskylä Symphony on the Move: The Woodwinds

at 15.30-16 Lobby The Chamber Music Groups of the Jyväskylä Symphony on the Move: The Brass
at 16.30-17 Lobby

Naiskuoro Pulssi

Female choir singing

at 19-19.45 Lobby

Ville Mustonen

Leo Brouwer's, Antonio Lauro's and Max Reger's compositions with guitar

at 21

The Library is closing.

17. Cafe Libri (B)

at 14-21 Cafe Libri

Arts & Crafts Market

A marketplace devoted to arts, crafts and design. The inside-market is a great place to come and make finds.

16. Natural History Museum of Central Finland (Harju)

at 12-20 Vesilinna (Harju ridge)

The Environment as a Heritage - exhibition

The main exhibition of the Natural History Museum of Central Finland presents the diversity of nature in Central Finland.

at 12-20

(Harju ridge)

Checkpoint Leonardo - illusions

The exhibition designed by a group of students from The Department of Teacher Education together with the Museum presents different kinds of illusions and deceptions of senses.

14. The Science Museum, Soihtu & Kipinä (S)

15. The Tissari Art Collection (S)

at 11-23
Seminarium (S)

Exhibitions  Soihdun näyttelyt

  • The main exhibition Oi kuvatuksia ja mielijuohteita presents the history of the University of Jyväskylä and its predecessors from the time of the Jyväskylä Teacher Seminar to the present.
  • Tissari Art Collection - the art pieces of the collection are by the 20th century Finnish modernists.
  • Changing exhibition: Syttynyt on sota julma - The Jyväskylä seminar in the Civil War is based on time surveys and illustrates the Jyväskylä seminary's experiences of the civil war, especially on the battle front.
at 16-20 Seminarium (S)

Art Cafe of the Women's Bank Jyväskylä

The Cafe's return is directed to the Women's Bank

See You in the Night!

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