Jyväskylä University Library - at the Heart of Campus

Yläkaupungin Yö 2017 Festival in the Open Science Centre on Saturday May 20th

The Programs of JYU Library, Science museums and Riihi included

The Jyväskylä University Open Science Centre - the Library and the Science Museum - also participates the festival happenings.

Jyväskylä’s own Yläkaupungin Yö is a city festival which opens the festival season of Central Finland in May. It takes place in the uptown area, near the university, and offers a wide range of events suitable for all ages and sizes.

Note! The program may be subject to change. Check the latest updated program.

The Library (B)

at 10-20 Restaurant Libri
(1st floor)

Go Board Game TournamentTengen ry, Jyväskylä Go Club

Note! at 20.30-00 PuistoGo!

The tournament continues on Sunday at 11-16.30.

at 11-15

Ex Libris - exhibition area
(2nd floor)

#kirjojensuomi - Books tell the story of Finland

Collection exhibition on show until April 30th

at 11-15

the Exhibition Showcase
(2nd floor)

The Finnish Horse

Collection Exhibition in Honor of the 110-year-old Finnish Horse on the 2nd floor showcase

at 11-20 Book of the Month -showcase (Lobby)

Mauno Koivisto 1923-2017

Mauno Koivisto was the ninth President of Finland in 1982-1994. Koivisto published numerous works and was a diligent writer of memories after his presidency. Some of his production is on show in the showcase.

at 14-20 CafeXLibri

Arts & Crafts

A marketplace devoted to arts, crafts and design. The inside-market has a great atmosphere, and is a great place to come and make finds.

at 14-15 Lobby

Singing and dancing group Kalina – by Monikko ry

Performance contains 2-3 Russian folk dances and 2-3 songs.

at 15- Lobby Reader's Digest of Weeded Books – Library's Book Sale
at 16-16.45 Lobby

Leo&Aarno - accordion duo

All kinds of music with two accordions and some virtual instruments

at 20 The Library is closing.

The Science Museum - The Cultural History Section

at 11-23 Seminarium (S)

Oi kuvatuksia ja mieljuohteita

The main exhibition which presents the history of the University of jyväskylä and its predecessors from the time of the Jyväskylä Teacher Seminar to the present.

The Tissari Art Collection of JYU donated by Jorma Tissari is also on show. The art pieces of the collection are by the 20th century Finnish modernists.

at 16.30-17 Seminarium (S)

Vocal group Poppin’

well known international and Finnish popular music songs from recent years and decades in a cappella style and with piano accompaniment. The conductor of the group is Sini Viitala.

at 18.30-19.15 Seminarium (S)


Imarre (Polypodium Vulgare) is a bush-folk band that brings you lovely sounds from somewhere between the forest and one’s head.

Acoustic music is a mix of folklore and progressive with jazzy spices. Songs are about nature – from snakes and swamp sirens to the well-known cuckoo bird.

at 20.30-21 Seminarium (S)

LuLu and his Friends

Something old and something new. New winds of time in Italy. Old winds of time in Finland by violin and accordion.

The Natural History Section of the Science Museum - The Natural History Museum of Central Finland

at 12-20 Vesilinna (Harju ridge)

The Environment as a Heritage - exhibition

The main exhibition of the Natural History Museum of Central Finland presents the nature of the Central Finland from the oldest bedrock to the 21st century, and leads to the numerous nature trails of the region.

at 12-20 Vesilinna (Harju ridge)

Checkpoint Leonardo - the Changing Energy

Energy does not arise and does not disappear. It just changes the shape. You can find the different types of energy in the exhibition designed by the student group of the JYU's Department of Teacher Education.

Riihi (the oldest building in the City)

at 16.30-17.15

Seminaarin- mäki
(the Main Campus)

Henry Paju

Right here right now, this moment is all that matters. Henri Paju’s music seeks boundaries and goes where it needs to go!

at 17.45-18.30 Seminaarin- mäki
(the Main Campus)

Petrus Piiroinen

Meditative guitar music and a few songs, inspired by contemporary and world music.

at 19-19.30 Seminaarin- mäki
(the Main Campus)

Sámi yoiking - celebrating 100 years of Sámi co-operation

Maritta Stoor-Lehtonen from Sámi association Bárbmu is performing Sámi yoiks with a drum.

at 20-20.45 Seminaarin- mäki
(the Main Campus)

Mari Aa - some snapshots of  breaking the vibes

Mari plays and sings her own songs with acoustic guitar and ukulele.

at 21.15-22 Seminaarin- mäki
(the Main Campus)

Juri Kobayashi

Solo Classical Guitar Performance

University shop Soppi is open at 10-16.

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