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Universal Borrowing from the National Repository Library ends – Use Interlibrary Loans

Universal Borrowing (UB) from the National Repository Library (Kuopio) ends due to a forthcoming change of the library system.

You can still make interlibrary loan requests from the National Repository Library e.g. via an electronic form. The loans are free of charge to JYU students and staff.

NOTE! You can ask the Interlibrary Loan Service to renew your loans: kaukopal@library.jyu.fi

If you have UB-loans at the moment, please return your loans to the Interlibrary Loan Service (room B124, 1st floor) by Friday Dec 14th, 2018.

If you still need the books, we can borrow them again to you. Please be prepared for a handling time of 1-2 weekdays, especially if you have several loans.

Please notice that JYU students and staff members can still request article copies to their email free of charge from the Repository Library's collections. See the instructions in JYKDOK.

Further information:
Interlibrary Loan Service, kaukopal@library.jyu.fi

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