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Training in Autumn 2019

Information seeking, data management, publishing, open science

Popular RefWorks workshops help you get ahead with reference managing in RefWorks. Not sure how to manage your research data? There's a workshop for that! Starting a dissertation? Come to the Dissertation start-up! Need help? Ask us!

Find upcoming workshops in Uno in English and in Finnish.

Training is recommended for researchers, graduate students and staff. Sign up in Korppi!

Graduate students in the Humanities and Social Sciences department get 2 credits when they take part in

  • Dissertation start-up,
  • Open Access publishing and
  • one other training (Guides to methodology, Choosing the publishing channel, Research data management, Research Merits).

Self-study materials:
Library Tutorial
Open science

You can also request training:
Tailored information sessions for departments

Training in information seeking, data management and publishing is provided by the Open Science Centre (OSC), Library. Please contact us if you can't find suitable training!

See all upcoming staff training in Uno Learning and wellbeing section.

For more information:
Tiia Puputti
Information specialist
Open Science Centre

Same in Uno.

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