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Problems in Receiving Library's Notices in Gmail

There have been problems in receiving the Library's notices in Gmail lately. Gmail seems to filter the notices of reserved items for pick-up, overdued items and approaching due dates to junk. For Gmail users it's quite difficult to detect the missing emails.

If you use Gmail, fix the problem:

  • Check the junk mail folder in Gmail to see if there are any messages from the Library.
  • Mark the Library's messages reliable.
  • Add the Library's address lainaus@library.jyu.fi to your contact list

You can always use the university e-mail address which is more reliable and give it to the Library as your contact address.

Keep on track of the due dates yourself, because you will have to pay the overdue fines, even if you do not receive the reminder, for example, email server failure or because of an obsolete address (See Change of address).

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