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Are You in Need of Information about Patents? - Get to Know the PatSnap Database

Do you need information about patents? The commercial PatSnap database is available for members of the university staff.

With PatSnap you can find out about the protectability of your research results, create an IPR landscape (Intellectual Property Rights) for your research grant proposal or find companies who operate in your field of research.

Learn how to use PatSnap by reading the instructions: PatSnap User Manual

If you need PatSnap user IDs, contact Innovation Specialist Riikka Reitzer.

You can also find information about patents from the web page of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office, including links to patent databases as well as plenty of information about different types of patents (trademark, patent, utility model, design protection).

Other useful sources to help you access the novelty value of your idea or invention

More information: Innovation Specialist Riikka Reitzer

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