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New MOT Kielipalvelu, New Dictionaries and Tools

MOT Dictionaries have been redesigned. The new MOT Kielipalvelu includes over 40 dictionaries, machine translation and proofreading services.

MOT Dictionaries cover both general language vocabulary and specialist vocabulary, for example from the fields of medicine, technology, commerce, economics, and law. The dictionaries also feature plenty of grammatical information and usage examples as well as idioms and phrases.

MOT Kääntäjä (Translator) combines machine translation, a dictionary and numerous language pairs. MOT Kielentarkistin (Proofing) proofreads your text and suggests corrections in English, German and French. Read more about the contents of MOT Kielipalvelu.

The dictionaries are updated on a weekly basis. All of the content familiar from the former MOT service will eventually be included in the new MOT Kielipalvelu. The old MOT Dictionaries will work alongside the MOT Kielipalvelu until the end of 2021.

You can access MOT Kielipalvelu in the university network without authentication. If students and staff can't access MOT outside of the university network, they can request a login link to the service at https://www.sanakirja.fi/korkeakouluille.

If you're still not able to log in to MOT, you can use these temporary credentials:

Address: https://mot.kielikone.fi/mot/etakaytto/netmot.exe
Username: motpalvelu
Password: etakaytto

The new MOT Kielipalvelu in JYKDOK: https://jyu.finna.fi/Record/jykdok.2018551

More information: Sanna Toivola

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