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Mattilanniemi Campus Library Becomes a Self-Service Library

Mattilanniemi Campus Library Becomes a Self-Service Library

Mattilanniemi Self-Service Library open Mon-Fri at 9-16

Mattilanniemi Campus Library serves as a self-service library as of 9 January 2017. The library is usually open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 16 p.m.

The library has reading spaces, computers, group work rooms and some loanable materials. The materials can be checked out on a borrowing machine.

Johan Knaus, the Library Assistant of Ylistönrinne Campus Library, is the library contact person and visits Mattilanniemi Library daily to look after the materials.

During the past twelve months, one day a week, the Library piloted self-service in Mattilanniemi. The diminishing library visits and loans gave cause for this. As we had positive experiences of the pilot, we decided to extend the practice and fully change Mattilanniemi Campus Library to a self-service library in 2017.


Further information
Marjut Virkkunen, Head of the Customer Services
Johan Knaus, Library Assistant

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