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The Main Libra­ry's Ser­vices moved to Mat­ti­lan­nie­mi and Ylis­tön­rin­ne on April, 2019

The Main Library (B) will close on Wed 17 April, 2019 and open again in autumn 2021 at Seminaarinmäki.

From Mon 8 April, 2019 the Library's services will be available in the Mattilanniemi and Ylistönrinne libraries.

To Mattilanniemi

Most of the library services, including coursebooks, journals and reading room materials, will be moved to the Mattilanniemi Library (Ahlmaninkatu 2, building MaA, map).

To Ylistönrinne

Another library service desk will be opened in the Ylistönrinne Library (Survontie 9, Ylistönrinne, building YK, map) during the renovation. The Ylistönrinne Library will store the general research literature from 2nd and 3rd floor of the Main Library.

If you can't find what you need, please, ask the staff for help.

Mo­ving sche­du­le

  • Week 10: Journals are moved to MaA
  • Fri 5 April: The customer service desk of the University Library is closing.
  • Mon 8 April: The customer service desks in Mattilanniemi and Ylistönrinne libraries are opening.
  • Wed 17 April: The University Library building is closing from customers.

Services remain

Working facilities and computers will be available in the Mattilanniemi and Ylistönrinne libraries and the Aalto Library (Seminaarinkatu 15, main building C, map). The working facilities will be smaller but otherwise the Library's services will remain the same during the renovation.

The renovation and moving do not affect the availability of materials, even though their location will change. You can check availability and the new locations of books and journals from JYKDOK.

The Library offers versatile teaching for the JYU students and staff also during the renovation. Explore our course selection. Guidance in finding resources we offer in Mattilanniemi Library. You can also book a librarian for personal assistance in finding resources, if necessary.

Our experts in research support, open science, data management and publishing work around the JYU Campus during the renovation of the library building. You can check their contact information from the JYU's Contact information search.

Follow us to the temporary library spaces!

For more information:

Risto Heikkinen
Development Manager, coordinator of the Library renovation

The Renovation of Library Building

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