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The Library as a Partner in Student Life's Project "Hommat haltuun! - I got this!"

Student Life has granted the Jyväversitas Funding for the development of the project, in which the Library and the Department of Languages are as partners. Jyväversitas is a new cooperation method for finding new initiatives to support, motivate and streamline studying at the University of Jyväskylä.

  • Hommat haltuun! (I got this!) project (15 000 €) includes the components of group learning support, thesis assistance and the identification of knowledge.
    The funding was granted to Marjo-Leea Alapuranen and her working group, consulting partners are the Library and the Department of Languages

Jyväversitas Funding was applied by a total of eight different projects of which the Student Life Steering Group decided to support the projects: Homma haltuun! (I got this!), Hyvinvoiva minä (Healthy I) website (15 000 €) and the Group Mentoring at the Department of Languages (10 000 €).

Student Life implements development projects that promote academic studying or help students’ growth in their work. With these projects we wish to bring forward student needs that students themselves find important for smooth progress of their studies.

More information: https://www.jyu.fi/studentlife/jyvaversitasenglish

Partner at the Library: Nina Kivinen

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