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Connect your Library Card to your University Credentials in JYKDOK

Need to renew your loans in JYKDOK database? Want to make requests or stack requests in JYKDOK? If you are a JU student or staff member, you can log into JYKDOK with your university credentials (username and password). No more remembering of library card number or PIN code.

Using your university network credentials you also activate the remote use of licenced e-resources.

Connecting the Library Card to your University Network Credentials

Connect your library card to your network credentials, if it has not been done already.

  1. Log into JYKDOK with your network credentials (username and password) by selecting haka Login.
  2. Fill in the following information:
    Name of the library: JYK
    Library card barcode: the set of numbers on your card (without spaces)
    Password: your own PIN code, i.e. the password of your library card. If you have forgot your PIN code, you can try login with default PIN code, which is created from your birthday and month (DDMM).
  3. Click Save. From now on you can always log into JYKDOK with your university network credentials. If your library card number changes, the card must be reconnected to your credentials.

Watch the video on connecting your library card to your university account.

Before leaving the computer, end your session by clicking Log out in the drop-down menu by your name on the page top.


If you have problems with passwords or credentials, contact the library services:

Circulation services
tel. 040 805 3803, jykneuvonta@library.jyu.fi

Network services

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