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Collection Transfers cause Disturbances in the Main Library and the Aalto Library in June and July

Collection Transfers cause Disturbances in the Main Library and the Aalto Library in June and July

Collections moving in (photo: Jyväskylä University Museum)

The renovation of the Jyväskylä University Library starts in spring 2019. Due to this the Library building will be closed for at least two years. The Library has operated in the building since 1974.

During the renovation, the collections of the library will be located in the Campus Libraries in Mattilanniemi and Ylistönrinne and in the Collection Center located in Kanavuori, Vaajakoski. The Library's customer services will operate in the Mattilanniemi Library.

The first step in the massive moving of collections will be taken in July 2018 when a small part of the Library's collections will be moved to Aalto Library, which is a popular study space at the JYU Main building (C).

More than 300 meters of literature will be transferred to Aalto Library, such as JYU's dissertation series and local history books. There will be no customer services in this library and the books cannot be borrowed at home.

Bookshelves of Aalto's library room have been empty for quite a while since the facilities are not suitable for a modern library. The placement of the shelves, the problematic accessibility for wheel chair users, and difficulties in adjusting a listed building for decent library services prevent the use of this space as a comprehensive library.

The study place itself, however, is an exceptionally beautiful and peaceful area that JYU students will hopefully continue to use.

The following official publications will be moved to Aalto Library :

  • Documents of Finnish Parliament (Ls Virallisjulk)
  • Act and statute collections (Ls Virallisjulk)
  • Supreme Court of Finland and Supreme Administrative Court of Finland (Ls Virallisjulk)
  • Committee reports (Ls Virallisjulk)
  • Official Statistics of Finland - SVT (Ls Virallisjulk)
  • Statistical Yearbook (Ls Virallisjulk)
  • Statistics Reports (Ls Virallisjulk)
  • Local History (Ls Paik)
  • JYU's dissertation series (Ls JY)

Reorganizing of the shelves and moving collections cause interference in Aalto Library starting from Mon 25th June and in the Main Library's the 2nd and 3rd floor from Fri 29th June, and lasting on Thu 5th July.

The new locations of the collections will be updated to JYKDOK as soon as possible, but the ongoing change may cause temporarily difficulties to find the material. Please, contact the library staff for help.

We apologize for the disturbance!

Additional information: Eila Elomaa

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