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New QR Codes Help to Find eBooks

The new QR codes of the University Library make it easier to find e-book versions of textbooks. The service is available in the Course Book Collection and in some parts of other collections. The codes are visible next to printed books.

A QR code (quick response code) is a two-dimensional barcode that opens a link when scanned with a reading program uploaded to a smartphone or tablet computer.

The QR codes of the Library are direct links to e-books.

The service is available only to users with the University user ID. A QR code link first opens an authentication page for login and then the linked e-book.

The codes have been tested carefully, but it has not been possible to try them all. If any of the more than 400 codes is not working, please inform the Library employees or use this feedback form.

E-books are an excellent option. Welcome to use the new QR codes!

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