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Loan Returns, Overdue Notices, Fines and Payment Collection

Loans may be returned

    • at the self-service return stations of the libraries during opening hours
    • to the service points of the libraries during service hours
    • through the hatch by the door of the building MaA in Mattilanniemi
    • by mail to:
      Jyväskylä University Library/Circulation
      P.O. Box 35 (MaA)

To avoid overdue fines return your loans by the due date!

Advance Notice of Approaching Due Dates

An advance notice will be sent to your email address reminding you of the approaching due dates of your loans.

Keep track of the due dates yourself, because you will have to pay the overdue fines, even if you do not receive the reminder, for example, due to email server failure.

If you cannot renew your loans yourself, please, contact the library before the due date.

Reminders, Fines and Suspension of Borrowing Rights

A reminder will be sent to you by post or email informing you of overdue loans.

  • The fine for overdue loans is €0,30 per item per day.
  • The fine for overdue short loans is €10 per item.

Fines will not accrue for the days on which library is closed. There are no overdue fines for university staff.

When your unpaid fines amount to €10 or more, your borrowing rights will be suspended. For university staff, the suspension of borrowing rights (€10) becomes effective when overdued items have not been returned despite of reminders. Borrowing rights will be restored as soon as the overdue item is returned and the fines paid.

The maximum overdue fine is €50.

Out-of-date client details may also lead to the suspension of borrowing rights. Borrowing rights will be restored when details are updated at a service point.


You can pay overdue fines

  • online via Library's database JYKDOK
    • Login to JYKDOK to your account and choose Fines tab. You can pay fines via Finnish online banks, MobilePay or by using credit cards. Minimum payment is €3.
  • In Mattilanniemi Library by bank card or the most credit cards
    • No cash payments are accepted. There is no cash desk in Ylistönrinne Library.
  • into the bank account

Service charges

Invoicing and Collection of Fines

You will be invoiced for items that are not returned. If you return the item after the invoice has been sent, you need to pay the overdue fines and invoicing charge €10.

If you have been invoiced for loans you have returned or you return the items after the invoice has been sent contact immediately the Library's invoicing: Anne Heinänen or Tuula Hölttä.

If the invoice is not paid by the due date, payment collection will be transferred first to the University and then to a debt collection agency. Once the debt collection agency has sent an invoice, you can no longer pay the invoice sent by the Library or the University.

Inquiries concerning invoicing should be directed to Anne Heinänen or Tuula Hölttä. Payment collection is the responsibility of Lowell.

You may also replace a lost item with an equivalent one.

In such cases please contact the Acquisitions Department by email: hank-esitys@library.jyu.fi.

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