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Library Card

You need a valid library card to borrow materials from the Library. You can apply for a card remotely if you are a student (incl. Open University students) or staff member at JYU.

Please fill in the form. Sign in using your JYU user account.

Processing of the form will take a maximum of 2 working days.

  • You can use e.g. JYU staff ID card or a card of another library as a library card. In that case, no visit to the library is needed.
  • If you do not have another card, you can pick up a new card from Mattilanniemi or Ylistönrinne library after 2 working days. Please take an ID card with you. The card is free of charge. Replacement cost for a lost library card is 3€.

Library Card is Personal

The library card is personal and must be presented when borrowing materials. The card holder is responsible for the loans made on the card and agrees to follow the rules and regulations of the Library.

Connecting Library Card to University Network Credentials and PIN Code

You can renew your loans and place requests in JYKDOK database.

  • If you are a JYU student or member of staff, you can log into JYKDOK with your university network credentials. To do this, your library card must first be connected to your credentials. For new library customers, this is done at a library service desk at the same time when the card is activated. You can also do it by yourself.
  • If you are not a JYU student or member of staff, you can log into JYKDOK with your library card number and personal PIN code. The PIN code is available at a library service desk. If you have forgotten your PIN, contact the library or try a default code which is the first four numbers of your date of birth (DDMM).

Lost Library Card or Change of Address

In order to prevent unauthorized use, please inform the library staff immediately if you lose your library card. There is a charge for a replacement card.

You can inform the Library of a change of address or name either by

All information stored in the customer register is withheld from third parties. See privacy notice of customer database.

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