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For Local Customers

Contact information:

You can collect and return the items at the Service Point of Mattilanniemi Library.

Interlibrary loans are fee-based. You can pay loans/copies by card when you collect them.


Before making an interlibrary loan request, check the availability of the item in our own JYKDOK online catalogue (not in Melinda catgalogue!)

Note that all library items cannot be found in JYKDOK. If you don’t find an older Finnish journal or book in JYDOK, it may be traced in the library paper catalogues. Ask the library staff more.

On Open Science site you can find tips for searching open access articles.

Check Melinda and FINNA

If you cannot find material in the Library’s own collections, you can try to locate it in Melinda union catalogue. It contains bibliographic information and location of books and journals, but not articles, in Finnish University Libraries. You can also search literature in the FINNA-database, which contains material of Finnish libraries, archives and museums.

Note, however, that all library items do not circulate between the libraries. E.g. journals, theses and textbooks may not be borrowed.

Make a request

Leave your request in writing separately for each article, book or part of a book, either

Fill in the form carefully.

    • when you request copies, give the author, title and pages of the article
    • give the date by which you need the item at the latest
    • make a remark, if you found the item missing at Jyväskylä University Library

Make your request in good time, because the time of delivery, especially of books, may vary a lot.

We keep your requests pending until the expiration day you gave us. Because cancelling the request may be difficult, please think carefully in advance what items you really need.

Collecting the requested items

We will notify you by E-mail when the requested item has arrived. You can then collect the books or copies in person from Mattilanniemi library. We don't forward the material to you by post.

You must pay the interlibrary loan/copies by card when you collect them. NOTE that we also charge you for the books or copies that has not been collected by the due date. They will be returned to the lending library.

Interlibrary loans for reading room use can only be used and read in the Mattilanniemi library's reading room. They can't be stored in the library's storage shelves where, for instance, the loan's from the Depository Collection are stored. Please store your interlibrary loans for reading room use in the Mattilanniemi library's service desk when you're not reading them. Theses can also be used only in the reading room.

Loan period and renewing loans

The lending library always sets the loan period and other terms concerning the loans. The loan period is usually 28 days. You will see the due date on a slip attached to the book. NOTE! Your patron information in JYKDOK does not include interlibrary loans. A free advance notice will not be sent to your email address reminding you of the approaching due dates of your interlibrary loans.

If you want to extend the loan period, you can ask the interlibrary loan service to renew the item before it is due.

Returning a loan

Return both the home loans and the reading room loans by the due date. Do not return them to the lending library yourself.

Note that we don’t return books you have borrowed from other libraries!

Overdue notice/Patron block/Replacement for an item

We will send you two reminders for an uncollected loan. If the loan is still not returned to the library, your borrowing rights will be suspended. The borrowing rights will be restored at the interlibrary loan service after the loan has been returned and the fee for restoring the borrowing rights (10 €) is paid.

The library will charge a patron for items that are not returned or for damaged items. The lending library sets the fee. If necessary, payment collection will be transferred to a debt collection agency.

Change of e-mail address

Please, inform the interlibrary loan service if your e-mail address is changed. It is not updated automatically, although your address may have been updated in the library patron register.

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