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Interlibrary loan requests are addressed to Interlibrary Loan service at the Main Library:

    • via electronic form (one request per form)
    • by e-mail: kaukopal@library.jyu.fi (one request per message) or
    • by post: Jyväskylä University Library/Interlibrary Loans, PL 35 (B), FI-40014 UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄ

NB! Requests addressed to the Library of the Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius are sent to the following address: kirjasto@chydenius.fi.

The libraries will be charged for interlibrary loans. Invoices are sent to the ordering library a couple of times a year.

What the Library Lends and Does Not Lend

Library lends

    • books (including textbooks) of the Main Library General Collection
    • journals located at the Main Library stacks
    • books for home loan of the Campus Libraries
    • books of the Depository Collection for reading room use only
    • newspapers in microfilms

Library does not lend

    • books of the Departmental Libraries (as a rule)
    • journals of the Depository Collection


    • theses published since 1997 can be read mostly at the library web pages
    • theses published in 1980-1996 are lent as a microfiche. Only a few departments lend printed theses
    • theses published before 1980 are usually lent in printed form

Articles of electronic journals will be sent if the licence allows.

Loan period

As a rule, the loan period of the interlibrary loans is 28 days. The textbooks have loan period of 14 days.

Requesting a Book On Loan

Libraries themselves must not place a hold on a book that have a status "charged" in JYKDOK-catalogue. The book must be requested as an interlibrary loan.


An interlibrary loan can be renewed, unless a request has been placed for the item:

The ordering library can usually renew the books in JYKDOK. There are some exceptions, however. Books of the departmental libraries cannot be renewed.

Overdue Notices, Fines and Payment Collection

We will send the library two reminders for a loan not returned by the due date. Overdue fees are not collected, however.

The borrowing rights of the library will not be suspended, but the library cannot renew the loans if items remain unreturned.

The library will be invoiced for a lost item.

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