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Reservations and Arrival Notices

You can request a book which is out on loan by placing a hold on it. Please, do not put a hold on a book which is available on the shelf or a book you already have on loan. Return the book first and then put a hold on it.

You can place the hold yourself online through the JYKDOK database or hand it in at one of the Library's service points.

To be able to place requests in the library catalogue JYKDOK you'll need the username and keyword to Jyväskylä University network or the Jyväskylä University library card and a PIN code. If you forget your PIN, visit Library's service points to change it. When requesting the book in JYKDOK you may change the pick-up location of the book (Mattilanniemi or Ylistönrinne Library).

The request is free-of-charge and valid for a maximum of 6 months.

When the book is ready for pickup, you will receive a notice of arrival. The items can be collected by the date mentioned in the notice (within 5-7 days).

Short loans cannot be reserved in advance.

Pick up reserved book by yourself

You can pick up the books you have reserved and check them out at the self-service loan station. You will find the books arranged on the shelf by your surname.

If you have problems with checking out the books you have reserved, check them out at the library's service desk. The failure could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The barcode on your library card or on the book is damaged.
  • Your library card has expired.
  • Your borrowing rights have been suspended.
  • The pickup time for the requested item has expired.

You can also choose to pick up the books at the service point. If you do not want the books you have reserved to be placed on the self-service shelf please contact the Library's service point.

NOTE! Books ordered from the Depository Collection (Fennica) are picked up and checked out at the service point in Mattilanniemi Library.


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