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Departmental loans from the Legal Deposit Collection

The Library of the Open Science Centre in the University of Jyväskylä houses a Legal Deposit Collection (Fennica) based on the Act on collecting and preserving cultural materials. The collection is an archive collection which items can only be borrowed to be used in the library reading rooms.

Those entitled to departmental loans may also keep the material in their offices at the University.

Who is entitled to departmental loans?

Materials in the legal deposit collection can be given as departmental loans for office and faculty use, to be kept and used outside library premises. Departmental loans can be given to

  • Jyväskylä University staff, teachers and researchers who have
  • a personal workstation at the University.
  • The materials are for their own use for teaching and research purposes.

The entitlement to departmental loans has to be agreed upon in person at a library service desk.

Obligations involved in departmental loans

  • The loan is personal and must not be handed over to anybody else.
  • The material must be kept at the personal workstation at the University, and, as archival material, handled with care. No underlining or other entries are allowed.
  • The client has to compensate for lost or damaged items.
  • The loan period for departmental loans is 180 days, but if another client needs the same item, it must be returned earlier on request. Loans from the legal deposit collection can be renewed only once.
  • Legal deposit copies must be returned to the library at the end of the employment period and before longer period of absence.

What cannot be checked out as a departmental loan?

Materials in the legal deposit collection which cannot be taken outside library premises include special materials, such as

  • items published before 1955
  • small publications
  • maps, sheet music, comics
  • posters
  • single issues of periodicals
  • and any items that are valuable, rare or in a poor condition.

A client who does not obey library rules and regulations loses the entitlement to departmental loans.

    For more details about entitlement to departmental loans:

    Departmental loans (pdf)

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