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Importing styles to document

How to import styles to a excisting document

Before you can import styles you have to add Developer tools to Word.

Adding Developer tools: Word 2007 and later

To show the Developer tab which is not visible by default you have to follow this procedure (Microsoft's how-to document).

This document applies to Word 2010 and 2013. Check Microsoft's web page for Word 2007.

1. Open Word and choose Option button in the File tab.


2. In the Word Optionsdialog box, choose the Customize Ribbon button.


3. In the list of main tabs, select the Develop check box.

4. Choose Developer check box from the list an choose OK. Developer tab appears in Word's ribbon.

Importing Template Styles to Document

1. Open Developer tab.

2. Choose Document Template from Templates group.


3. Upload dissertation template from Koppa (https://koppa.jyu.fi/avoimet/thk/vaitoskirja/vaitoskirjamallipohjat/dissertation) to your computer.

Add template styles in Templates and Add-Ins window to your document. Choose Attach button and browse uploaded template.

Mallipohjan lataaminen

Remember to mark Automatically update document styles check box.


5. Choose OK. Template styles are now imported to your document.

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