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History literature is housed on the 2nd floor of the main library under P Hist..( e.g. P Hist yl, P Hist Saks, P Tal hist) (home loan) and P Ls Hist ... (e.g. P Ls Hist yl, P Ls Hist lähdejulk) (reading room). History literature is also housed under P Yhteisk (3rd floor). Other important resources for historians include committee reports  (2nd floor) and official information (parliamentary documents, statutes and statistics) (3rd floor). Older literature which is for home loan is housed in closed stacks.

For a more exact location of books on open shelves, use the Locate Item service. The Locate Item service covers the main library open book and journal collections and closed stack collection for home loan. If you want to check the collections (Signums) at the library, use the shelf classifications for journals and books. By clicking the underlined Signum you get a rough idea of where the collection in question is housed. The availability information is listed in JYKDOK.

Bibliographies and journals

History bibliographies are located on the 2nd floor under P Ls Bibl 8 (Shelf 203) and journals under P Aik III (Shelves 204 and 205, new issues Shelf 227).

Finnish and foreign newspapers available at Jyväskylä University Library are listed in  JYKDOK and foreign electronic journals in the NELLI portal under Find e-journal.

Legal depository collection - Fennica

The legal depository collection (Fennica) is very useful for history students.  It covers all Finnish books, journals, maps, newspapers, posters, brochures  1981 - 2008 also audio-visual materials and the Archive of Finnish web pages (2006 -) and Radio- and TV-Archive (2009 -).

The library acquired the right to legal deposit copies in 1919, but the library collections include even older material starting from Missale Aboense (1488).

Legal deposit copies may be requested for reading room use only. It is worth noting that not all legal deposit copies are listed in JYKDOK. Some are only listed in old catalogues.

History bibliographies or literature lists

  • A list of Finnish history and local history bibliographies and thesis catalogues is available online for history students taking part in the Finnish history library skills course.
  • Finnish historical bibliography items (journal and compilation articles and books) are also listed in the ARTO database (from the 1950’s up to 2007). Older parts of the Finnish historical bibliography are gradually being entered into ARTO. The Finnish historical bibliography (1971-) also includes Finnish general history research.
  • The most recent part of the Swedish historical bibliography, Svensk historisk bibliografi, is available online.
  • Historical bibliographies from various countries are housed in the main library under P Ls Bibl 8 on the bibliography shelf (2nd floor, Shelf 228)

How to find books and periodicals

  • JYKDOK is the online catalogue of Jyväskylä University Library. It contains information on books, research reports, periodicals (not periodical articles) and theses completed at the University of Jyväskylä. If you cannot find the item you are looking for ask at one of the service desks. It is useful for a historian also to know about the old card files and folders listing items in the legal deposit collection Fennica.
  • Details on laudatur projects,  Master’s theses and Licentiate theses are listed by subject on the library’s Thesis search page and dissertations on the Dissertations search page. The items are also listed in JYKDOK.
  • Printed journals subscribed to by the library and departments are listed in JYKDOK, electronic full text journals can be accessed via the NELLI portal -> Find e-journal. A list of history e-journals is available in NELLI / Find e-journal (->Category->Humanities->History). It is also worth searching: Find e-journal->Title->histor? using the “Contains” alternative. This search will find all journals containing  a word starting with “histor”.
  • LINDA is the union catalogue of Finnish university libraries. It contains information on books, journals, research reports, and theses completed at Finnish universities and other institutions of higher education, with the exception of Aalto University School of Economics, whose theses are listed in the Helecon MIX database. Items listed in LINDA can be ordered from other libraries via inter-library services.
  • Ebrary e-book services offer 70,000 e-books which can be accessed on computers connected to the university network. Links to e-books are also included in JYKDOK.
  • Early English Books Online (EEBO) contains over 100,000 English books published 1473 - 1700. EEBO is available on computers in the university network.
  • Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) contains 150,000 English monographs published 1701 - 1800. ECCO offers a possibility to search over 33 million fulltext pages.  ECCO is available on computers in the university network.
  • eScholarship Editions (California Digital Library) is a collection of 2000 e-books by various academic publishers.  25 per cent of them are open access.  The emphasis in the collection is on the Humanities and Social Sciences. The search may be limited to public items which are open to everybody.
  • The Swedish union catalogue LIBRIS is available online for free.
  • Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog-KVK (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology):worldwide links to union and library catalogues
  • The NELLI portal provides access to the electronic resources of Jyväskylä University Library. Via NELLI you can access databases, e-journals, dictionaries and reference books as well as electronic fulltext journals.
  • Databases are good tools when you are searching for bibliographical references.  They contain information on books and journal articles and at best even links to full texts. It is therefore useful to read the database content descriptions. The most important history databases available at Jyväskylä University Library are listed in NELLI (Find database – Category - Humanities - History). The list includes direct links to databases. The most important international history database is Historical Abstracts, which includes bibliographical information on journal articles, books, dissertations, and links to fulltext articles in JSTOR / Academic Search Elite / Project Muse journal services. For Finnish historical research studies see Finnish historical bibliography under the Bibliographies section. N.B. Most of the resources listed in NELLI can only be accessed from work stations connected to the Jyväskylä University network. (See how to use Remote access to Electronic Resources.)

How to find journal articles

Finnish articles are listed in the ARTO and Aleksi databases.  Until 2007, the University of Helsinki Library was responsible for the Hist = Finnish historical bibliography database in ARTO, which is exceptional in that it also includes references to book and compilation articles.  If you are looking for older Finnish journal articles, you might want to search the Kontentti table of contents database. Most Finnish articles are available in JUL collections.

International articles can be accessed via international databases and journal services listed in the NELLI portal /Find database – Category – Humanities - History. Use NELLI QuickSearch or MetaSearch for a rough search for articles in international databases and journals, but for a more advanced search use the search engine of the individual databases. N.B. Most of the resources listed in NELLI can only be accessed from work stations connected to the Jyväskylä University network. (See how to use Remote access to Electronic Resources.)

The NELLI portal provides descriptions and links to most important History databases (Find database – Category – Humanities – History). In addition to ARTO and Historical Abstracts, historians may be interested in the following multidisciplinary, Economy or Social Science databases

History resources and information searching: Examples for history students

Tiedonhakuesimerkkejä (pdf) (in Finnish)

Other intersting links (more  Finnish links on the Finnish page)

Subject  gateways


  • History databases: See NELLI Find database - Category - Humanities - History

Reference books, person indexes and dictionaries.

Documents – fulltexts – maps

More links

Managing references - Refworks

RefWorks is a Web-based bibliography and database manager that allows users to create their own personal database by importing references from text files or online databases. The references can be used in writing papers and automatically formatting the bibliography for manuscripts. Registration needed.

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  • You may also order a fee-based information search.
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