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Refworks login

There are currently two version of Refworks available!

Choose which one to login.

More info in our Refworks-guide.

Old Refworks



New Refworks


You'll find a link in the top of the old Refworks interface, that allows you to migrate your account. Also, if you create an account in new Refworks, you'll be asked whether you want to bring all the citation information from your old Refworks account.

Guide for migrating your account.

If you don't want to migrate all your references, start by creating an account in new Refworks. You can move references one folder at a time by using the export/import tools.

Note! If you've worked with a Word-file using your old Refworks account, the file will not work with your new account. If you're in the middle of a writing process, you might want to postpone your migration to new Refworks.

If you're a new user, create an account in the new Refworks.

You'll only need a university email-address to create the account.

If you don't have a university email-address, you can create your account through this link: https://refworks.proquest.com/signup/university-of-jyvaskyla/

A completely new interface. Features include:

  • uploading articles in pdf-format, Refworks is able to grab publication information from the file.
  • a reader for your uploaded files, with markup and note -features.
  • add information with the help of a publication database.
  • support for Google Docs

Refworks guide (new version).

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