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Systematic information seeking is related to

  • the phase of studies
  • research orientation and discipline

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    Candidate's thesis period

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    New students

    LIBESIS Systematic Information Seeking (1 ECTS cr)

    Learning goals:

    After completing the course the student

    • is familiar with the basics of systematic information seeking
    • is aware of how information seeking relates to the research process and of its significance in academic work
    • is able to conduct systematic information seeking in a way that is relevant to the research process
    • discerns the difference between everyday information and scientific information
    • is able to turn a research topic into concepts and concepts into search terms
    • knows how to create search statements
    • is familiar with the publication culture in their academic field
    • is able to locate and conduct searches using field-specific information sources
    • locates information sources on research methods and archived research data
    • is aware of the principles concerning research data and copyright
    • is capable of assessing and refining search results
    • is able to decide how to save references
    • understands how referencing is done appropriately and knows how to ethically use information in their work


    The course provides the students with necessary understanding of information seeking that is relevant both for academic work and also in the working life in expert positions. The students learn for example how to do an information seeking plan that they can use later on in their studies.

    Course material:
    Course material Library Tutorial is an open online material in KOPPA: https://koppa.jyu.fi/avoimet/kirjasto/en/library-tutorial

    Phase of studies:
    Recommended before the candidate seminar, also later e.g. new degree students in master's programmes

    Conduct of course:
    An online course as a self study course or as a part of other communication studies.

    • Degree students at the University of Jyväskylä can take the course as an elective course. The course is available several months during autumn and spring semesters.
    • Sign up in Korppi (Search > LIBESIS)

    Further information: Tiia Puputti.

      Candidate's thesis writers

      Writing the candidate's thesis requires an ability to seek and analyze information a chosen topic independently.  We highly recommend all students starting their candidate's thesis to take the course LIBESIS Systematic Information Seeking.

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      Master's thesis period

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      Doctorate students, researchers, university personnel

      Majority of library courses for doctorate students, researchers and university staff can be found in Library Courses.

      Customized courses for groups on demand. For training requests, contact Information Services / information specialist of your discipline or research services coordinator Marja Kokko.

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