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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a student at the University of Jyväskylä. Can I  have a libary card?

Yes you can. Jyväskylä University Library is open to all users. Come to the service point of the Main Library or Ylistönrinne Campus Library and take your ID card with you. The library card is free of charge and you can use it immediately. Read more about borrowing.

I tried to renew my loans but have forgotten my PIN code. What do I do?

You can try default PIN code which is created from your birthday and month (DDMM). If it doesn't work, contact to Customer Services of the Library.

If you are a JU student or staff member, you can log into JYKDOK with your university credentials (username and password). Connect your library card to your network credentials, if it has not been done already.

I have lost my library card. What do I do?

Contact the service point of the Main Library or Ylistönrinne Campus Library. The card holder is responsible for the material borrowed on that card. To avoid any misuse of your card, please ask the library to block it.

I borrowed an eBook and forgot to return it. Do I have to pay a fine?

eBooks are returned automatically and no fines or patron block will follow. You may also choose to return the book before the loan period expires.

I am out of town and cannot renew my loans. Can I return them by post?

You can send the books to the following address: Jyväskylä University Library, P.O. Box 35 (B), FI-40014 UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄ

I lost my memory stick in the Library. Where can I enquire about it?

You can inquire about lost memory sticks at the Customer Service Point of IT Services, open Mon - Fri 9.00 - 15.00.

Items of clothing/accessories (caps, gloves etc.) left in the Library are kept in the basket by the side entrance of the Main Library. For other lost items, please ask the staff at the Library service point.

I tried to open an e-journal/e-book/e-dictionary via JYKDOK on my home computer and was asked to give passwords. Where can I get them?

Off-campus access to the electronic resources is possible for students and staff via JYKDOK. You need to have the university network's user account to be able to login to remote services. See more information here.

If you are connected to the network but cannot open a journal or database, try one of the following: read what is said under SFX button about the availability of volumes in general and what are, if any, the restrictions on use of the latest issues (embargo). There are some databases and journal titles that require a special password. If this is the case, ask for help at the reference desk (1st floor).

I'm studying at Open University of the University of Jyväskylä. How do I access e-resources off campus?

Please contact the open university to upgrade your user account. Form only in Finnish.

How do I use eBooks?

eBooks acquired by the Library can be used via JYKDOK. Many of them can be opened with web links in JYKDOK. eBooks can be read off-campus by providing your university network account.

More information:

How do I make permanent links to e-resources?

Using web resources offered by the Library as study material can be improved by clear reference practice and by linking the resources directly to study materials. See instructions here.

I have noticed that a lot of library material is in closed stacks. Can I use it?

Most of the books and journals in closed stacks are available to library users. The materials can be requested and either borrowed (general collection items) or used in the Library reading rooms (Depository Collection items). Jyväskylä University Library houses one of the five depository collections in Finland.

How can I get help in finding literature for my thesis?

You can study information seeking independently with the help of the Library Tutorial. You could also participate in library courses. If you need personal guidance in information searches, you can make an appointment with one of our information specialists.

I have no printing quota left. Can I buy more at the library?

You can buy printing quota at the service points of the Library, University Shop Soppi or at the University Printing House (Gummeruksenkatu 3). You also can purchase printing quota using Online Payment Services.

I don't study at the University. Can I use computers or print?

Even if you are not a university student you can still use computers on the 1st floor of the Main Library without having to log in to the university network. University Shop Soppi or the Circulation desk at the Main Library sell printing quota.

Didn't find the answer? Send us your question and we'll answer it as soon as possible.

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