The EU-collection

As one of Finland’s ten European Documentation Centres (EDC), Jyväskylä University Library gets legal deposit copies of numerous publications produced by the European Union and its institutions.  The Library was granted the status of an EDC in August 1995. The EU Publications Office sends the Library official publications, statistical publications, bibliographies, research reports, other literature and journals in different fields.

The EU collection is supplemented by purchases of publications by commercial publishers. These purchases are listed in the General Collection. Literature on the European Union is also available in the Library’s Depository Collection (Fennica), from where it can be requested for reading room use.

An increasing amount of EU material is available on EU web pages in electronic form. Further information is available under Resources by Subject / EU information. See especially EU Bookhop Digital library which offers  publications edited by the Publications Office on behalf of the EU institutions, agencies and other bodies since 1952.

All material in the EU collection is listed in the JYKDOK database and in Melinda, the union catalogue of Finnish Libraries.

The EU collection (shelf classification) is located near the lecture hall (B 232) on the second floor of the Main Library.  Location information in JYKDOK may include a Directorate General number, for example, DG 22. The DG number does not affect the item’s location on the shelf. Some of the material is housed in closed stacks.

Books in the EU collection can be checked out at the Loans Desk on the first floor. Home loan items can be identified by a green tape.

The Library provides training and guidance in the retrieval of EU information. Fee-based searches on EU Information can be ordered from Marita Jokinen, Information Services.

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