Ylistönrinne library closed due to the library relocation

Ylistönrinne library has closed its doors permanently.

During summer, the library collections will be relocated to Lähde building in Seminaarinmäki. Lähde will be opened for public on Monday, 30 August.

Books that are borrowed in Ylistönrinne library before the closing will get an extended loan period up until September.

If you need material from Ylistönrinne library after its closing and cannot find the material elsewhere, you can contact the library by e-mail: jykneuvonta@library.jyu.fi. Please note that the availability of books will depend on the moving schedule of the collections.

Books that have been borrowed in Ylistönrinne library can be returned to Mattilanniemi library throughout the summer. There is also a 24/7 return hatch next to the main entrance of building MaA in Mattilanniemi.

Mattilanniemi library will close its doors on Friday, 20 August.

The opening hours of our service points can be seen on our web page.