Workshops for researchers, doctoral students and staff!

How to get started with your dissertation? Where to publish? How to manage research data? And how to manage sources with RefWorks? Training provided by the Open Science Centre will support you in information seeking, publishing and data management.

Training is available for all staff, personnel, researchers and graduate students.

Workshops for spring 2021 are here:

  • Reference Manager RefWorks 11.2.2021
  • Dissertation Start-up 9.3.2021
  • Methodology guides and databases 9.3.2021
  • Research data management 10.3.2021
  • Choosing the publishing channel 16.3.2021
  • Research Merits 16.3.2021
  • Open Access publishing 18.3.2021
  • Reference Manager RefWorks 15.4.2021

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